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In Topic: Soldering cans and can'ts

02 July 2016 - 09:31 AM

Been a long time since I played w that stuff much, but agree w ggraham. I'd worry a bit about silver solder being strong enough, and it can be prone to cracking, but if it lasted before...on the other hand, once it's held gasoline, a quick fix like brazing it becomes a lot more difficult.

In Topic: Motorcycle pegs

19 June 2016 - 10:10 AM

Are you drilling a tapping them for a solid mount, or are they replacing part of a folding peg???  Just curious, because I like what you have done, and I am thinking about how I could mount them.


As per customer request, I only forged them, but he mentioned milling and machining. I'm assuming he's going to make sure the ends are perfectly flat then drill them out and tap them, but heck if I know.

In Topic: O1 tool steel

12 June 2016 - 05:25 AM

They won't anneal well the way you're describing w sand, and the way using the forge....well, difficult to say.


You need to heat to critical temp (where it becomes non-magnetic, plus about 100 degrees.) then put it in a material like wood ash (collect it fresh, don't use stuff that has gotten wet) or perlite (available at plant nurseries, you can get it at the hardware store, but it's usually more expensive.)


Either one will insulate much better than sand.  As you reuse it, you also need to take precautions against it absorbing moisture from the air.  Usually putting a lit light bulb in it once in awhile for about a day will take care of that.


Considering that it's a knife, and fairly low mass, you'll probably also need to put in a large piece of steel right up against it as a "helper", basically a larger mass that will hold heat longer while it's annealing. The helper should be brought to the same temperature.  Then leave it for at least eight hours.


It is very possible to harden it during drilling.  Usually you want to drill very slowly, good, sharp bits, high pressure, and depending on your preference, either no lube, (my preference, I learned it from Stan aka trying it), or a cutting oil.


The downside of this is that you will have to re-heat treat the finished knife, which it looks like you were trying to avoid, but it's difficult to truly anneal just the handle.

In Topic: Bed headboard (second try)

28 April 2016 - 05:29 AM

I've been skipping through the page fast for days and meant to say something earlier and was too lazy to log in...that's a gorgeous headboard. It looks great.

In Topic: 3Headed monster part 2

04 February 2016 - 07:26 AM

Like it. FEED me, Seymoure!