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WELL A Little glass does hurt

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#1 IronWolf


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Posted 01 September 2014 - 05:34 PM

Well you read it -- if you're an glass addict welcome

DANGER There is no help for YOU ! LOL

don't heat glass don't look @ glass art RUN away wile you can !!


I have now spent sometime on a miner torch @ are local hammer In / blacksmith camp out 

I ask one of the smiths wife's a lamp worker to bring her torches & give me some lessons

ITS NOT AS EASY AS it LOOKS hand wise LOL  :) got some good time on a torch

I got my brain around what i need to work on So it was a good time  

I found out even though my hand control as a tig welder is very good LOL spinning rods is another art !

I am working on that ! also have a mid range on loan here now more heat lol

still working on  the learning curve but hay having fun ! 


So ? # what are beer & wine bottles soft glass ? co of what ??

        # what about stain glass soft glass ? co of what ?

I thought that I would work with bro well looks like I will work soft glass also for now 

I am wanting to learn so much more about glass ! as with steel it have so many directions :)

#2 trying-it


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Posted 02 September 2014 - 04:53 AM

I told you to run!  [Doh!]


You are now probably fully addicted with little to no chance of ever being saved! [Bang Head]


All I can tell you now is to have fun and BE safe!  [Punk]


Show us some pictures soon!



#3 IronWolf


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Posted 07 December 2014 - 09:59 AM

  HMM ? SO What's a tell tail sign of full blowen glass addiction ??? [Worthy]

you start making you're own tools [HAHA] [hysterical]

so I made a SS V-block & re-work some sm steel pipe rollers for tube work for now

I will make a new better set soon gona try & forge up a sm pair of jacks to & start a / make that tool list [Doh!]

I did some 1" tube pulls sat it went sorta all right LOL, I would like to make some X Mass ornaments for presents

if I can pull it off good enough ?  [Bang Head]


I really need to clean up upper deck area & set up a glass area this winter ! I am using my welding table & its a pain !

setting up & tear down for glass working can't leave it on table just not enough room


anyone have any Ideas on some tools I should make ? cash flow untill the end of Jan is a no go :( 

but fabrication of MORE Tools can be done anytime of the year !


well coffee out mite as well go play glass guy for a bit then split wood & other choirs [smith]

#4 Sky Campbell

Sky Campbell

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Posted 07 December 2014 - 12:56 PM

Well as far as tools:

A kiln
A furnace
A glory hole
Blow pipes
Snap rings
Holding tools
The list can go on and on depending the direction you take it.

Carbon gouging rods at your local welding shop will make you plenty of reamers. Start collecting larger pieces of graphite for molds and larger shaping tools. Collect all the refractory you can scrounge you will use it all.

#5 IronWolf


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Posted 07 December 2014 - 07:35 PM

thanks Sky i think I should have said lamp working for now  LOL though Idd love to try some off hand work !!!!!!!!

I spent 5+ hrs on a hot shop floor i Chico Ca talking to a worker as he worked best 5 hrs I spent ever as a blacksmith

but for now I am learning small stuff  :) 

Air arc rods I got thanks for the remind ! tongs Hmm smith thing LOL just gota make them outa SS lol

glory hole well new propane ribbon buner forge almost done it will do that no problem !  Now kiln that I have to work on !

I have a welding & blacksmith fab shop here so any type metal work is no problem 

now on refractory YEP !!!  graphite darn none now :(


later Steve's Welding

#6 IronWolf


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Posted 12 April 2015 - 06:04 PM

WELL hears an update I now have a Nortel magoer miner sq head torch & enough glass to play with + colors

still working on inclosed area in the welding shop just for glass working yet to be -

with that I am building a 12' x 30' deck in the shop somewhere in the decks i have will be a glass / lamp working area ! 

?? WHY do I keep putting more stuff on my plate lol ???????????????  cause I am CRAZE ! LOL

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